Antonia Miletto is an Italian jewelry designer who has enjoyed an extraordinary 30 years career spent between the very best of two worlds, Venice and New York City.

Forever in search of exciting new elements that inspire her imagination, she creates pieces incorporating unusual gemstones, exotic woods, resin, and other unexpected and rare materials.

This tireless quest for the exceptional has yielded gorgeous and complex one-of-a-kind jewels that gracefully marry the precious with the non-precious. Her creations are set in 18K gold or sterling silver, and all wood and resin components are hand carved and carefully finished in small ateliers around Italy. Ever since becoming a designer, Antonia has insisted on remaining closely engaged with her collaborators, establishing loyalty, trust, respect, and passion as the foundations of her business. She is enthusiastically committed to supporting the glorious but endangered world of Italian craftsmanship and personally supervises the creation of every piece.

In 2007 Antonia opened her orange jewel box store, a boutique that serves a clientele as international and stylish as she.